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    City by the Sea

    On the 10 hectare joint venture area, a SIX MEDIUM RISE RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS, 4 Hectare CENTRAL PARK will be built to form part of the 40 HECTARE... "CITTA DI MARE" which is Italian for " City by the Sea".

    Commercial and Retail complexes, a 2,000 square meter exhibition tent, a boardwalk within fine dining restaurants and fastfood outlets will also be constructed in Pond F, the 1.1 kilometer stretch of seafront lots in the SRP.

    We will build up and sell in the next five years to generate much needed traffic to make the SRP the new landmark destination not only in Cebu but also throughout the whole country, Las Marias, told the council.

    Las Marias, assured the council that "Citta di Mare" will be an eco-friendly and environmentally sound" project with lot of parks and open spaces for its residents to enjoy.


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    Come to a place where sunshine-filled open spaces allow you to live and play.
    An exciting hub of business and leisure in the midst of the beautiful views of the mountains
    and the calming views of the blue waters of the Visayan Region.

    Welcome to your urban paradise, City di Mare.
    Designed as the premier 50-hectare township along the eastern coast of Cebu.
    City di Mare is aptly named, as it is indeed a City by the Sea.

    The logo represents its well-conceived masterplan to develop a city within a paradise,
    while the various vibrant colors capture what City di Mare is all about.
    The shade of blue and wave design symbolize its waterfront location and fantastic sea views.
    Green stands for lush open space and healthy living. Finally, the harmonious blend of the
    pink and orange symbolizes the spirited lifestyle City di Mare has to offer.

    With such keen attention to detail, it’s easy to see why City di Mare is set to become the
    Lifestyle Capital of Cebu.


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